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Creating solutions as unique as your process

Chemical producers share many of the same challenges – a need to know that production assets are available and reliable, that you’re producing the right amount of product at the right quality, and that your process is as energy efficient as possible. But just as no two chemical operations are alike, there is no standard solution for meeting these challenges.

At Emerson Process Management, we have the right technology, consultants, and expertise to help you create a solution as unique as your process.



Whether you’re in the fertilizer or crop protection business, market volatility, energy costs, and environmental compliance create daily challenges that must be considered when optimizing production....Read more.....


Industrial Gases

Emerson has the right expertise and technology to help you achieve the throughput, availability, and quality needed to meet your customers’ demands for higher quality and lower inventories.  At the same time, we can...Read more....


Inorganic Bulk

In an industry known for corrosive processes, reliability issues caused by accelerated wear mean continuous diligence to ensure high rates and optimal energy consumption.  Added to that, small disturbances can....Read more....



In any large continuous process, small disturbances can quickly have big consequences - from safety and environmental concerns to the potential for lengthy shutdowns.  And every day, ensuring efficient energy usage.... Read more....



Demand for plastics and polymers is strong and growing stronger.  That’s good news, but it comes with the need to produce to tighter specs and quality standards.  Added to that, you’re under pressure to improve ... Read more....


Specialty Chemicals

In the past, your plant's quality and throughput were dependent on your operators' manual activities and their years of experience conforming to static standards and procedures.  In today's market place, most ... Read more....


Since installing PlantWeb we have realized savings in operating costs. Specifically, there have been significant improvements in inventory control. We used Emerson Process Management's advanced controls for our incoming ammonia high pressure burn tanks. We no longer fight to keep the level from swinging, and by stabilizing this process area we have realized great benefits downstream.

Damon Vincent
Dyno Nobel Inc